How long does it take to make prescription sunglasses?  We will make every effort to make your glasses as fast as possible.  Your glasses should be complete within 10 business days, or two weeks.  It may take a few days longer if we add mirror coatings.  If you are in a rush, you can add Priority Processing when selecting Rx options.


I have a strong prescription.  Can I still get glasses made? Yes, of course. specializes making prescription motorcycle glasses for high prescriptions.  So, if your prescription is stronger than a +/- 4.00, we have frames that can accommodate you.  We also offer frames with lens adapters and lens inserts.  Lens adapter and lens inserts reduce the curvature of the lens.  The basic rule of thumb is the more wrapped or curved a frame is and the stronger the power, the more likely you will experience the coke bottle effect. You can read more about high prescriptions here.  Shop our high prescription frames here.

I gave you the wrong prescription numbers. Can you help?  We will gladly take full responsibility for any errors that we make.  However, for customer errors, we will share that responsibility with you.  Depending on the cost of to remake the lenses, Bikershades will discount up to 50% the price of the lenses.  We will provide you the discounted price for the remake.

I can’t see very well with my new glasses.  Can I get a refund?  The only reason errors occur is because of human data entry error.  99% of the time the customer enters the wrong prescription information into the online order form.  That is why we ask customers to send us a copy of their prescriptions.   Even when we cut the lenses 100% correctly, there are many reasons why you may not see as well as you expect with your new glasses.

1. Prescription wrap lenses take some time to get used to. Try wearing the glasses for 15 – 30 minutes at time, and slowly increase that time period after a few days.  After wearing the glasses every day for 2 weeks or so, your eyes will begin adjusting to the new lenses.

2. The segment height needs to be raised or lowered.  Many of our customers are able to dot the ocular center of the lenses.  However, customers can also choose to rely on our proprietary methods to determine the segment height.   If we determine the segment height is too low or too high, we may have to remake the lenses.

I’m not happy with my glasses.  Can i get a refund?  This is a great question.  We guarantee that your lenses will be made with your exact prescription.  Once we enter the prescription into our order system, there is no chance for error.  And we know the exact numbers that are entered into the system.

We cannot guarantee how patients will feel when they prescription wrap lenses.