Bifocal and Reader Motorcycle Glasses

Purchase a pair of Bifocal and Reader Motorcycle Glasses so you can see maps, read menus, and see your speedometer as well as the road in front of you. You won’t need to swap glasses so you can read small print. Once you reach 45 years of age, you may notice Here’s a short article which explains how you can tell when you need bifocals. Don’t pack a pair of bifocals again. You need a pair of motorcycle sunglasses with built in bifocals. is the place where you can get them.

Magnified Area on Bottom of Lens
Zero Magnification on Top Portion of Lens
Magnified Area to See Small Print on Bottom of Lens
Slightly Visible Separating Line
Entire Lens is Magnified
Entire Lens is Magnified
Not Necessary to Look Down to See Small Print
NO Visible Lines


Motorcycle Bifocal Glasses have a distinct magnified area at the bottom 1/3 of lens. When you look through this bottom area, small objects are magnified. Bikers can see their instrument panel, maps on their phones, and menus. When looking straight ahead, the vision is normal. There is no magnification when looking far away.

Bifocals are available in the following powers: +1.00 +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.25, +2.50, +2.75 +3.00, +3.25, +3.50, +3.75 or +4.00. However, some styles have powers which are only available in .50 increments. So, if you are X.25 or X.75 power, it is best to round up to the next half power increment.

Some bikers wear their casual bifocals to ride, which probably isn’t very safe. Casual bifocals can fly off your face, don’t protect you from wind and debris, and probably have plastic lenses.

Bifocals Designed for Motorcycle Riding should also have:
– 180 degree wrap for full protection and snug fit.
– Foam padding to seal out wind and debris (select styles)
– Polycarbonate Impact resistant lenses

Quake Full Lens Reader Motorcycle Sunglasses at
The Quake Bifocal Motorcycle Glasses are available in four lens colors, dark grey, clear, amber and yellow.

What Are Full Lens ‘Reading’ Motorcycle Biker Sun Glasses?

Bikers who are Far Sighted (hyperopia), or those who can’t see objects close up need ‘plus’ power lenses to see clearly. Although we recommend bikers purchase custom prescription glasses if they are far sighted, many bikers can wear Full Lens Reading Glasses to see.

Bikers can also wear full lens no line readers to see their phones or read books outdoors. One of the benefits of a no line reader is that the ENTIRE lens is magnified. You are not limited to looking through a small portion at the bottom of the lens.

Clutch Full Lens Reader Sunglasses with Dark Grey Tint by
Full Lens Reader Sunglasses. ENTIRE lens is magnified. The ‘Clutch.’


The less you carry on your bike the better. So it makes a lot of sense to purchase motorcycle shades with built in cheaters. Plus these sunglasses are extremely affordable. Shop for a huge selection of motorcycle bifocals for men and women at incredible prices.

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