Specializing in Custom Rx Motorcycle Sunglassses for Over Decade

When it comes to custom prescription sunglasses for bikers, Bikershades.com is the unrivaled industry expert. Bikershades has been the trusted source of custom Rx Biker glasses since 2008. Whether you need single vision, bifocals, progressives, Transitions ®, Polarized, Night Riding, or plain dark grey lenses, Bikershades can do it all. And we do it right.

Finding the Best Fitting Motorcycle Sunglass Frames for You.

Probably the most complicated part of buying prescription biker glasses is finding a pair of shades that fit. But not to worry, Bikershades is the expert when it comes to fitting frames. Bikershades has been selling biker glasses for more than 2 decades, so we’ve fitted nearly every head size and shape. Unlike daily casual glasses, riding glasses fit according to your head or helmet size. Another important feature is how your nose is shaped. Is your nose smaller, larger, or average? Is your nose lower, higher or flatter? So, the combination of helmet size and nose shape will be very helpful.

Try Before You Buy Frames for Prescription Glasses

Bikershades makes it even easier for you with our Try Before You Buy Prescription Frames program. With Try Before Before You Buy, simply answer a few questions about your head size and nose size; as well as frame preferences. We’ll do the rest. We don’t want you to select the frames. Based on your answers, we’ll know which frames will fit you. Each Try Before you Buy requires a fully refundable deposit.

After you complete your order, we’ll send you 6 – 10 frames via FedEx Two Day. It takes us 24 – 48 hours to prepare your order, and FedEx guarantees delivery in 1 – 2 days. We also provide a return shipping label. Keep the frames for up to 5 days to decide which one fits you best.

Imagine the time (and gas) you save with our Try Before You Buy program. It’s truly a no brainer.

Got Your Own Frames?

If you would like to make custom prescription lenses for your own frames, Bikershades has a ‘Got Frames’ program. Bikershades can cut prescription lenses for nearly all sunglass frame brands including Oakley, Nike, Maui Jim, Costa Del Mar, Adidas, Harley Davidson, Wiley X, 7eye, Ray Ban, UnderArmour, Rudy Project and so much more. Simply order your lenses from our the Got Frames category, send your frames to us, and we’ll have your frames and lenses ready in 5 to 10 days! Plus, shipping the completed frames and lenses back to you is FREE!

All Prescription Lenses 100% Guaranteed

Bikershades guarantees 100% every prescription lenses is exact to your written prescription. For best results, we recommend your prescription is not more than 1 year old. Your eyes are constantly changing, and it is best to invest in a new prescription. A new prescription is always worth the investment of the eye exam. We have found that America’s Best, Costco and Walmart offer the best prices on new Rx prescriptions.

The Latest Prescription Lens Technnology that is Right for You.

Bikershades makes it a priority to always offer the latest prescription lens technology. Bikershades also pledges to sell only the features and upgrades that will benefit the patient. We make all Progressive lenses with Digital Lens Technology. All Single Vision lenses with Sphere power greater than +/- 1.75 are recommended to have Digital Lens Technology. If you need progressive lenses, make sure to take a look at our new Digital Sport Progressive Lenses which are designed to optimize vision from 2 to 3 feet and beyond. That way you can see your instrument panel and the area directly in front of your wheel. If you have more questions, refer to our Prescription Motorcycle Glasses Buyers Guide.

We also offer the darkest Transitions on the planet today, the Transitions® XtrActive as well as the Transitions® Vantage. The Vantage polarizes while it darkens. So if you are sensitive to glare from mirrors, bumpers, windows or water, polarized lenses are an excellent choice for you.

Bikershades Specializes in Wrap Frames Designed for Motorcycle Riding

In order to block out wind, sun and debris from all angles, it is necessary to wear motorcycle glasses with a frame. These wrap frames feature a base 8 to base 10 curvature lens compared to a base 2 or base 4 curvature lens for casual daily glasses. High wrap frames require special machinery such as sophisticated MEI Edgers to cut the lenses.

Most optometrists and optical shops do not service wrap frames because they lack the expertise and correct machinery to cut the lenses. Flat lenses for casual frames are simple to cut. High wrap lenses are more complex and require years of specialized training.

Bikershades Base Curve Comparison for Prescription motorcycle biker glasses
2 Base Cure (red arrow) vs 8 Base Curve

A rule of thumb for cutting lenses for wrap frames to remember is: the stronger your prescription, the more limitations you will encounter. Yes, nearly ALL powers can be cut into wrap frames no matter how strong your Rx is, but it won’t make sense if you can’t see. Higher power lenses are thicker, and your field of vision will decrease if the lab uses the incorrect lens technology. You don’t want to be stuck with a pair of expensive prescription sunglasses you can’t see out of. The opticians at Bikershades.com are trained to determine maximum prescription powers allowed for every pair of sunglasses. We know when to use Digital Lenses, when to recommend high index lenses, and which frames to use. So, we will tell you up front if your prescription can or can’t be done. If we cut lenses that you can’t see out of, we lose time and money.

Choose from WileyX, BikerArmour & 7eye Prescription Frames

WILEYX: Wiley X Frames feature a removable foam cushion and most frames and lenses are ANSI Z87.1 rated. The Wiley X foam is soft and is a spongy porous material. Most frames are Medium to Large. There are a couple of styles for Smaller heads. Frames cost $89 – $99.

BIKERARMOUR: BikerArmour Frames come in wide variety of styles and sizes. The foam is a thick waterproof foam and designed to minimize skin irritation. The foam is not removable in most styles, except for the Marauder and the Monster. However, at $29 – $39 a frame, you won’t need to replace the foam. You can purchase an entire BikerArmour replacement frames for 50% off. Just pop out the lenses. Cost for 7eye frames is $89 – $99.

7EYE: 7eye frames are high quality and also feature a removable foam. Not all styles are ANSI Z87.1 safety rated. The foam is also waterproof. The 7eye foam creates a deeper chamber between the eye and lens. So, if you have long eyelashes, 7eye is a great choice. 7eye comes in a wide variety of sizes including a nice selection for smaller heads.

Take a look at the comparison chart below:

$29 - $39
(FRAME ONLY) Quality + Great Price!
Sweatproof Foam Cushion
Removable Foam Cushion - Some
Polycarbonate Frames
ANSI Z87 Safety Rated - Select Styles
Adjustable Ear Pieces - None
Sizes for Men, Women & Kids
Includes Zipper Case & Microfiber Case
UNIQUE FEATURE: Wide variety of sizes. GREAT VALUE!
UNIQUE FEATURE: Purchase extra backup frame for $20!
SHOP BikerArmour
$89 - $99
(FRAME ONLY) Trusted by US Military
Layered Foam Cushion
Removable Foam Cushion - YES
Grilamid Nylon Frames
ANSI Z87 Safety Rated - YES ALL
Adjustable Ear Pieces - None
For Men & Women
Includes Zipper Case & Microfiber Case
UNIQUE FEATURE: Some styles include attached string
UNIQUE FEATURE: Available in Matte and Shiny Black
$89 - $99
(FRAME ONLY) Thicker Foam Cushion
Sweat Proof Foam Cushion
Removable Foam Cushion - YES
Grilamid Nylon Frames
ANSI Z87 Safety Rated - MOST
Adjustable Ear Pieces - SOME
For Men & Women
Includes Zipper Case & Microfiber Case
UNIQUE FEATURE: Fits Men, but EXCELLENT choice for women
UNIQUE FEATURE: Great for LONG eyelashes!
SHOP 7eye