Eclipse Photochromic Motorcycle Sunglasses & Goggles

If you are looking for an economical photochromic motorcycle sunglasses that you can wear in the day and night without having to change or pack extra glasses, then the Eclipse is a an excellent option for you.

Bikershades is now officially on the 4th generation of Eclipse Photorchomic Lenses. Every couple of years, our technology gets better. Now the lenses get even darker, faster and are even more clear at night. For well under $50, the Eclipse is the best performing day night biker shades you can find today.

What is “Photochromic?”

Most bikers will use the word “photochromic” and “transitions” lens interchangeably. They are actually refer to different lenses. Photochromic refers to the technology which allows lenses to change color when exposed to UV rays from the sun. ‘Transitions’ is actually the brand of photochromic lenses. You might have seen this popular logo at major golf tournaments, tv commercials and magazine ads. The Eclipse line utilizes Bikershades photochromic technology. The Eclipse XT, on the other hand utilizes genuine Transitions brand technology.

Transitions is the most respected and recognized brand of photchromic lenses.

How Do Photochromic Lenses Work?

When exposed to UV rays or the sun, the Eclipse changes from Clear to a Dark Gray. UV light causes the molecules in the lenses to expand and darken. For a more detailed scientific explanation, click here. Keep in mind indoor lighting will not cause the lenses to darken, only sunlight or artificial UV lamps. For most bikers, the Eclipse lenses get dark enough; and the satisfaction rate is very high. We estimate at least 90% of the bikers who purchase the Eclipse are satisfied with the darkness of lenses. However, if you are very sensitive to bright sunlight, then you might want to recommend the Eclipse XT. The Eclipse XT are built with genuine Transition XtrActive lenses, the darkest Transitions lenses on the planet.

Take a minute to watch the demonstration video below for the Eclipse:

Photochromic Lens Color Options

Why wear Eclipse Photochromic Motorcyle Sunglasses and biker goggles? Rather than packing two pair of glasses for day & night riding, all you need is one pair of photochromic glasses. Bikershades offers two lens variations for the Eclipse. Clear to Dark Grey or Yellow to Brown. At night, the lenses are totally clear or yellow. In the day, the lenses are grey or brown.

Clear to Dark Grey Photochromic Lenses

Clear lenses provide a natural view and is perfect for night riding. There is practically no color distortion at night. Many bikers prefer a plain clear view when riding at night. During the day, Grey lenses actually filters out 5 – 10% more light than any other color lenses. So, if you are more sensitive to bright light, grey lenses are an excellent choice for motorcycle riding. Dark grey is the most common sunglass color, and also provides the most natural colors without much distortion.

Bikershades Eclipse Photochromic Motorcycle Sunglasses Clear to Grey

Yellow to Brown Photochromic Lenses

If you haven’t tried yellow or brown lenses before, its definitely worth a serious look. Yellow lenses, increase contrast and reduces the halo effect around lights at night. Yellow makes darker colors stand out so you can see more distinct outline of the objects. That’s why target shooting glasses and driving glasses are yellow. Under the sun, the lenses change to a very nice dark brown. It’s almost a “copper brown” or a “rustic brown.” Brown lenses also increase contrast and clarity. Golfers wear amber or copper glasses so they can see the ball 200 yards away. Many bikers prefer brown lenses because they enjoy the increased clarity and sharpness of vision. Biker glasses with brown lenses are also extremely comfortable to wear on long rides.

Bikershades Photochromic Motorcycle Sunglasses Yellow to Brown

Bikershades is the Undiputed Leader in Motorcycle Sunglasses

Bikershades is the unrivaled expert when it comes to biker eyewear, goggles and prescription sunglasses. Bikershades originally brought the Eclipse photochromic riding glasses over a decade ago. Providing the lowest prices possible for unrivaled quality has made Bikershades the most trusted source foe eye protection. If you are uncertain which lens color is right for you, simply purchase two pairs to try. Our prices are unbelievably low, and our easy 60 return policy makes is dummy proof. Make sure to visit the next time you need a pair of motorcycle riding glasses. goggles, and custom prescription biker glasses. Since 2001, we are are always ready to serve you.