What Does “Photochromic” Mean ?

Eclipse XT Transitions™ Motorcycle Sunglasses are actually photochromic glasses. The term ‘photochromic’ refers to all sunglass lenses that darken when exposed to UV light. Photochromic lenses are clear at night and darken in the day. ‘Transitions™”, on the other hand, is actually the brand of photochromic lenses. “Transitions™” has become the household name for all photochromic sunglasses. A similar example is the name “Kleenex” is for tissue paper. The Eclipse line utilizes Bikershades photochromic technology. Whereas the Eclipse XT utilizes genuine Transitions™ XtrActive™ New Generation technology.

How do Photochromic Lenses work?

Basically, the molecules within the lenses change shape when exposed to UV light and absorb the UV rays causing the lenses to darken. For more detailed information, visit the Wikipedia page. Bikershades offers two types of photochromic motorcycle sunglasses. The Eclipse with photochromic lenses, and the Eclipse “XT with genuine Transitions™ XtraActive™ New Generation lenses.

What are Transitions?

Transitions™ are the leading brands of photochromic glasses. You’ve probably seen Transitions advertised at major PGA golf tournaments and on television. Owned by Luxoticca, Transitions™ is the undisputed leader in photochromic eyewear. See Video by Transitions™, or read about the Transitions™ technology here.

The Eclipse Photochromic Motorcycle Sunglasses

The Eclipse motorcycle sunglasses utilizes a 4th generation, high quality, generic photochromic lens that darkens when exposed to UV rays. The lenses change from clear to medium gray and an excellent photochromic sunglasses priced less than $50. The Eclipse also offers 100% UV protection and are constructed of impact resistant polycarbonate. However, if you are looking for photochromic eyewear that darkens as much as your daily sunglasses; you may want to consider the Eclipse XT.

Eclipse XT Transitions™ Motorcycle Sunglasses

The ECLIPSE XT is really in a league of its own. The Eclipse XT motorcycle sunglasses utilizes genuine Transitions™ XtrActive New Generation Lenses, the darkest Transitions™ on the planet. The lenses are polycarbonate and offer 100% UV protection. When exposed to sunlight, the Eclipse XT gets as dark as your daily sunglasses and are totally clear at night. The lenses are extremely responsive & change color in less than 20 seconds. The New Generation lenses will get even darker, fade back to clear faster, and get darker behind a windshield of a car*.

Transitions XtrActive New Generation Features Eclipse XT
*Please note the XtrActive Lenses will not darken completely in the car.

Eclipse XT Polarized

The Eclipse XT Polarized glasses polarize and darken when exposed to UV rays. However, the lenses do not get as dark as the non-polarized Eclipse XT lenses. So there is a trade-off. In addition, the Eclipse XT Polarized darken slightly behind a windshield or a visor. However, bikers have been very satisfied with the darkness of the polarized version. As of July 2022, the Eclipse XT Polarized will get darker than before.

Eclipse XT: An Excellent Value for Well Less than $200.

Although The Eclipse XT Transitions™ Motorcycle Sunglasses are priced over $150, they are a great value. They are equipped with genuine Transition™ XtrActive lenses, and come with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. You won’t need to purchase two pair of glasses for day riding and night riding. The Eclipse XT truely replaces both. Regular Oakleys and Ray Bans can be more expensive; and those lenses are not even Transitions™!

Biker Recommended: Eclipse XT

Although satisfaction ratings for the both the Eclipse and the Eclipse XT are very high, bikers around the globe recommend the Eclipse XT. The Eclipse XT is the only photochromic sunglass that gets as dark as your daily sunglasses. The Eclipse, however, is still an excellent option if you have a bit of a tighter budget.

Watch the comparison video below, and you can decide for yourself.

Check out our new demonstration video on Eclipse XT:

The Eclipse XT is available in 3 different brand frames: BikerArmour, WileyX and 7eye. If you need help with finding the best frame that fits, please email us at bikerservice@bikershades.com. Or give us a call at (877) BIKER-21.

Take a look at the comparison chart below for more information. You’ve taken the first step to better, safer motorcycle riding in different light conditions.