Eclipse XT Built with Genuine Transitions

More than likely you have purchased photochromic motorcycle sunglasses that don’t dark as you like. Bikershades has partnered with Transitions to produce the best performing photochromic sunglasses on the planet, the Eclipse XT. Built with genuine Transitions XtrActives, the Eclipse XT will get as dark as your regular sunglasses in seconds. No other photochromic sunglass on the market compares. If you need a reliable pair of biker sunglasses you can wear all day and at night, the Eclipse XT is made for you.

“Transitions” vs “Photochromics”

What’s the difference between the term “photochromic” and “Transitions?” Most bikers use these words interchangeably, but these terms actually refer to different lenses. Photochromic refers to the technology which allows lenses to change color when exposed to UV rays from the sun. ‘Transitions’ is actually the brand of photochromic lenses. So, generic photochromic sunglasses should not be called Transitions. The Eclipse XT utilizes genuine Transitions XtrActive technology.

Eclipse XT Built with Genuine Transitions XtrActives

Transitions curently offers two primary lenses: Transitions Signature and Transitions XtrActives.

Transitions Signature are the most popular for casual and office wear.
Transitions XtrActives are the darkest performing Transition Lenses and also slightly activate behind a car windshield. Transitions XtrActives also perform the best in heat compared to Signature. Because bikers spend more time outdoors and ride in extreme weather conditions, the Eclipse XT motorcycle sunglasses are built with genuine Transition XtrActives.

Watch Eclipse XT Demonstration Video Below

Eclipse XT Options

There are several options to choose from when you purchase your pair of Eclipse XT Transition Biker Glasses. You can choose from polarized lenses or add an Anti Reflective Package.

Polarized Eclipse XT

Polarized lenses eliminates annoying glare from shiny surfaces such as water, chrome bumpers, windshields, mirrors, hoods and roads. In fact, most fishermen wear polarized sunglasses so they can see the fish beneath the water. When exposed to sunlight, the Eclipse XT lenses will begin to polarize as well as darken. For ultimate clarity and visual comfort choose the Polarized Transitions.

Anti-Reflective Coating

  • Prevents the halo effect around lights at night.
  • Prevents the mirror sheen on the front of the lens so your friends can see your eyes.
  • Includes a prescription grade super tough scratch coat as well as oleophophic and hydrophobic coatings. These coatings resist fingerprints, oil, and water; resulting in an easier to clean lens.
  • Promotes better UV light reactivity, so the lenses get darker, faster.

As you can see the Anti-reflective package has numerous benefits. The additional scratch resistant coating will keep your lenses new and you will spend less time keeping them clean. You will also see a significant improvement in your night vision.

Choose from BikerAmour 7eye or WileyX Frames

Bikershades offers 3 brands of frames to choose from. All the frames will have the same Eclipse XT Transition XtrActive lenses. There is NOT any differenc in the lenses. You can begin shopping for your Eclipse XT Transition Sunglasses by clicking one of the boxes below.

$159 - $169
Quality & Performance at an Excellent Price
Sweatproof Foam Cushion
Polycarbonate Frames
Replaceable Frames $19.99 for Life
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Wiley X
$199 - $249
ANSI Z87.1 Frames Trusted by US Military
Removable Foam Gasket
Zylon Frames
Foam and Non Foam Designs for Men & Women
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$199 - $249
Quality Frames w/ Removable Foam
Removable Foam Gaskets
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