Bikershades Specializes in Difficult to Fit Strong Prescriptions

Wrap Motorcycle Glasses for Strong Prescriptions is entirely different than making strong Rx lenses for flat casual frames. When you add frames into the mix, and things can get a bit more complicated. One thing to keep in mind is that any prescription, no matter how strong, can be cut for a high wrap frame. But the questions are, will you be able to see clearly out of the lenses? Will the lenses fit the frames properly? Bikershades has been cutting lenses for high wrap frames with high base curves for patients with prescriptions over +/- 3.00 for since 2008. Take a look at Bikershades’ frames for stronger prescriptions. If you are ready to order and want the experts at Bikershades help, call (877) BIKER-21.

Bikershades Base Curve Comparison for Prescription motorcycle biker glasses
2 Base Cure (red arrow) vs 8 Base Curve (blue arrow)

Base curve is a measurement from 1 to 10 and represents the curvature of the lens. Totally flat lenses have a zero base curve and curved lenses have an 8 to 10 base curve. The prescription power a sunglass frame can accommodate depends on the base curve of the frame. The general rule of thumb is it’s more difficult to cut strong prescription lenses for high base curve frames .

Fish Bowl Effect Caused by Strong Prescription & Wrap Motorcycle Frames

Some patients may experience the “fish bowl effect” which is caused by lenses that are more curved towards the edges of the frame, causing the image to bend. As the patient looks to the left or right, the image may appear distorted. Patients may describe feelings of “dizziness” or “walking on a cloud.” There is not any distortion when looking straight ahead. This may also occur if the patient needs a stronger prescription.

General rule of thumb is the thicker the lens, the higher the chance of the fish bowl effect. Wrap motorcycle glasses for strong prescriptions require thicker lenses. Patients with stronger prescriptions above a +/- 3.00 are definitely more susceptible. In addition, patients with astigmatism (Astigmatism is indicated by a + or – power under the CYL (cylinder) column on your prescription) have a higher chance of experiencing the “fish bowl effect.” 33% of all eyeglass wearers have astigmatism. 

However, feeling the fish bowl effect does not mean that the patient will not be able to wear their new glasses. Feeling a bit uncomfortable is very normal. Patients’ eyes will adjust to the new lenses as they wear the glasses for several days. This is scientifically proven, but the patient must be willing to wear the glasses every day for 1- 3 hours until the lenses are more comfortable.

Determining Your Prescription Power

Prescription power is measured for each eye.  It is measured by adding the sphere and cylinder powers together.  For example, a -1.00 sphere and -2.25 cylinder for the same eye would equal a -3.25 power. A +2.00 sphere and a -2.25 cyclinder for one eye would equal to a -.25 power.  The total prescription power can be a positive or a negative number.  

Lenses with a “plus” power are thicker on the inside.  If you can visualize a football lying on the ground, you will understand what this means.  The higher the plus power, the thicker the lens will be in the center.   It will be shaped more like a football. 

On the other hand, lenses with a “minus” power are thicker on the outside.  Try visualizing a bowl with the sides of bowl extending straight down.  The higher the minus power the thicker the lens will be on the edges.  

Plus vs Minus Sphere values have different lens shape.  High Power Prescriptions are thicker for both plus and minus Sphere values.
“Plus” and “Minus” refer to your SPHERE value on your prescription. Plus spheres have thinner edges. Minus spheres have thicker edges. The stronger the SPHERE value, the thicker the lenses. Also, higher wrap frames cause thicker lenses.

What Happens if a High Prescription Power is Cut Into a Wrap Lens?

Keep in mind that the backside of the lens (the side of lens that is facing your eye) is ground down to achieve the power of your prescription.  Here are some general guidelines:

  • Prescription powers outside the range of -4.00 or +3.00:  A high wrap frame with a 6, 8 or 10 base curve might cause light visual discomfort.   Most patients’ eyes will adjust to the new lenses.  However, this is on a case by case basis.
  • Prescription powers outside the range of -6.00 or +4.00:  These lenses should not be cut for wrap frames with a high base curve.  If done, the lenses may not be safe for motorcycle riding.  Peripheral vision will be limited and patients may experience dizziness.
  • Prescriptions with high cylinders outside the range of -2.00 or +2.00 should not be used with a high wrap frame.  Patients may not be able to adjust to these frames.
  • Patients with prism may not be able to adapt to high wrap frames.  Cosmetically, lenses cut with prism do not look good in a wrap frame.

Options to Reduce the Fish Bowl Effect on Wrap Motorcycle Glasses for Strong Prescriptions

Bikershades offers the latest technologies proven by thousands of bikers to help reduce discomfort caused by high prescriptions and wrap frames. For best results, we recommend your prescription is not more than one to two years old.

Self Adjustment to Lenses

Most patients’ eyes will adjust to the new lenses. However, this process will take several days, and the glasses must be worn one to three hours per day. Again, it is scientifically proven that the eyes will adjust to new prescription glasses, assuming the prescription is correct. Adjusting to progressives or bifocals is also expected.

Digital Free Form Lenses to Increase Peripheral Vision

Bikershades recommends all stronger prescriptions +/- 1.75 and higher use Digital Free Form (Digital) technology. Digital lenses are cut within 1/100th of a diopter of your actual prescription compared to 1/12th of a diopter for a non-digital traditional lens, resulting in a more accurate lens.. Under Sphere and Cylinder on your prescription, each whole number is a “diopter.” So, +2.00 is 2 diopters. -3.50 is 3 and 1/2 diopters. Digital lenses take into account how each frame fits including pantoscopic tilt, base curve, and lens distance from the eye. Digital lenses also provide more peripheral vision . All progressive lenses use digital technology by default.

Digital Lenses increases peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is normally reduced by wrap frames with strong prescriptions.

DIGIthinRx Lens Thinning Technology to Reduce Weight and Fish Bowl Effect

Thinning (Lenticular) technology combines lens thinning with Digital Free Form Technology to minimize the thickness and weight of a prescription lens by more than 25%. It also thins the area outside of the 50 mm optimal viewing area. Since wrap lenses are more curved and thicker towards the outer edges, DIGIthinRx removes the a portion of the area which causes images to bend. A minor drawback is some peripheral vision may be lost, but a 50mm viewable area on lens is more than enough where patients will not notice the difference. Bikershades does not recommend DIGIthinRx technology for all prescriptions. Frame design, lens thickness and prescription are all important factors.

DIGIthinRx™ technology thins out the edges of stronger prescriptions to help accommodate high wrap frames inherent with motorcycle sunglasses.
DIGIthinRx™ technology thins out the edges of stronger prescriptions to help accommodate high wrap frames inherent with motorcycle sunglasses.
DIGIthinRx technology reduces the weight of the lens by thinning the area outside of the optimal viewing zone. DIGIthinRx also helps reduce the fish bowl effect by eliminating the increased curved areas towards the edge of the lens.

High Rx Adapters for Strong Prescriptions

Rx adapters have a lower base curve attach to the lens area of the frame. They also ‘decrease’ the size of the lens. By accomplishing decreasing the base curve and the size of the lens, the thickness of the lens is reduced; thereby decreasing the chances of having the fish bowl effect. There are several styles from WileyX, 7eye and BikerArmour that offer Rx Adapters.

WileyX Gravity Motorcycle Sunglasses with Rx Adapter for Stronger Prescriptions
Prescription Rx Adapters are attached to the frame. The lenses are outfitted into the Rx Adapter, and the adapter is snapped into the frame. The reduced curvature and smaller lens size can accommodate stronger prescriptions.

Lens Inserts to Accommdate Strong Prescriptions for Motorcycle Glasses

Lens inserts are small glasses frames that fits two lenses. This small frame attaches to the frame behind the sunglass lenses. Since the lens insert is smaller and has very little base curve, the wrap frame can accommodate strong prescriptions. Wrap frames with lens inserts don’t have any limitations on prescription power and an excellent choice for patients who have an Rx higher than a +/- 4.00. Bikershades has made lenses up to a +/- 12.00.

Bikershades Sunglass Frames with Lens Insert for Stronger Prescriptions.  Bikers with strong prescriptions can ride their motorcycles.
BikerArmour Trooper is equipped with a High Rx Lens Insert which is attached behind the outer curved lenses. The insert has a lower base curve and smaller, so it can accommodate stronger prescriptions.

Bikershades Prescription Return Policy for Motorcycle Glasses for Strong Prescriptions

Bikershades guarantees 100% accuracy on every prescription lens we make. We triple check every prescription to make sure all the values are entered correctly. Once we enter your Rx into our system, the lenses cutting process is 100% automated, so there is zero room for human error.

With over a decade of experience with motorcycle prescription glasses, Bikershades’ Optical Specialists can assist patients select lower base curve frames, digital lenses, adapters, inserts and lens thinning technologies for the most comfortable lenses possible. Call us M-F, 9 am – 5 pm CST at (877) BIKER-21. However, even with the best technologies, Bikershades cannot guarantee patients will not experience the fish bowl effect if they have prescriptions stronger than +/- 2.50. Every patient is different; some are more tolerant than others. It is scientifically proven that patients’ eyes will adjust to the new lenses, but the glasses must be worn every day for 1 – 3 hours per day for several days.

Bikershades cannot guarantee how each patient will adjust to the new lenses. If the patient experiences the “fish bowl effect” and their eyes do not adjust, Bikershades will not be able to offer a full refund since all Rx glasses are custom made. We can remake the lenses for a different frame at a 40% – 60% discount depending on the lens options chosen. This also includes if you accidentally made an error when entering the prescription values; or if your doctor made an error.

Our laboratory is the most technologically advanced in the country; other lab will not achieve better results.   We hope you understand that patients cannot ask us to make riding glasses for them “just to see if their prescription will work”   Our goal is to provide the best experience we possibly can, while keeping our prices the most competitive in the industry on wrap motorcycle gasses with strong prescriptions.

Try Before You Buy Frames for Motorcycle Prescription Glasses

One of the ways to avoid frame fitting issues is our Try Before You Buy Prescription Frames program. With Try Before Before You Buy (TBB), simply answer a few questions about your head and nose size; as well as frame preferences. We’ll do the rest. We don’t want you to select the frames. Based on your answers, we’ll know which frames will fit you. Each Try Before you Buy requires a fully refundable deposit. Bikershades will apply the deposit towards the cost of the glasses, or refunded if you change your mind. We ship the frames to you via FedEx 2 day, so the only thing you need to pay for is $19.99 shipping charges, which includes the return label.

After you complete your order, we’ll send you 5 – 10 frames via FedEx Two Day. It takes us 24 – 48 hours to prepare your order, and FedEx guarantees delivery in 1 – 2 days. We also provide a return shipping label. Keep the frames for up to 5 days to decide which one fits you best.

Imagine the time (and gas) you save with our Try Before You Buy program. You can drive all over town and spend $20 bucks on gas and your entire day or we can do all the work for you. It’s truly a no brainer. 95% of our participants in our TBB program order glasses with us.

Got Your Own Frames?

You can also make custom prescription lenses for your own frames. Bikershades has a ‘Got Frames’ program and can make prescription lenses for nearly all sunglass frame brands including Oakley, Nike, Maui Jim, Costa Del Mar, Adidas, Harley Davidson, Wiley X, 7eye, Ray Ban, UnderArmour, Rudy Project and so many more. Simply order your lenses from our the Got Frames category, send your frames to us, and we’ll have your frames and lenses ready in 5 to 10 days! Plus, shipping the completed frames and lenses back to you is FREE!

More Bikers Trust Bikershades for Custom Prescription Biker Glasses

For more than a decade, has helped tens of thousand of bikers in the USA, Canada and Mexico see clearly with custom prescription sunglasses. Making wrap motorcycle glasses for strong prescriptions is our specialty. Bikershades understands bikers depend on their glasses for both safety and to see the world while they ride. You can start by browsing different styles from WILEYX, BIKERARMOUR and 7EYE. If you have a stronger prescription over a +/- 4.50, take a look at our Bikershades’ frames for stronger prescriptions.

If you any questions, refer to our Prescription Motorcycle Glasses Buyers Guide, or give us a call at (877) BIKER-21. We look forward to serving you.

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