How Head Size Determines Fit with Motorcycle Glasses

“How do I find motorcycle sunglasses that fit my head?” This is a common question we get from customers.  Bikershades allows customers to shop for glasses and goggles based on their head size.  So, it’s important to know your head size so you can choose the styles that fit you perfectly.   For example if you determine that you are an extra small head size, then you would click on the XSmall to Small categories and filters.  If you determine that you have a Medium head size, you can click on the Small to Medium and/or the Medium to Large categories and filters.  The category you click on depends on if you feel you are closer to Small or closer to Large.  Personally, I feel that I’m closer to a large rather than a small, so I would choose Medium to Large.    Only you can make this determination. 

Each Biker Sunglass Style only Available in One Size!

Each biker sunglass style is designed to fit one specific head size. Each style is NOT available in multiple sizes.  We often get the question,  “Does this style come in a larger (or smaller) sizes?”  The answer is that each style is only available in one size.  If you need a different size, you would have to select another style.   This is similar to how a specific car model is not available in different sizes.   A Camry is only available as a sedan. A Corvette is only available as a coupe. You get the picture.

Determine Your Head Size and Sunglass Fit with Chart Below

This chart which will help you determine your head size by either your helmet or hat size.  Your head size will correlate with the helmet size or hat size you wear. So, if you wear a Small helmet or have a 6 3/4 head size, you should select motorcycle sunglasses that fit small heads . For easy shopping, all of our glasses are classified to fit a certain head size.

Each Style Includes More Pictures for Reference

Also, when you begin clicking on sunglass styles, there will be a picture of a mannequin (which is equivalent in size to a Medium size head) wearing that style.  Use this picture as a reference to give you a good idea how the sunglasses may fit on your face. There will also be customer pictures wearing the glasses you chose which are also a great help.

Shop motorcycle sunglasses based on your head and helmet size. makes it easy to find the motorcycle sunglasses that fit you.

This horizontal chart gives a better comparison view of the the different head sizes. XS is generally a teenage or a very petite person. XL-XXL is usually a larger person. Refer to the hat sizes also above as a reference.

Bikershades head size motorcycle sunglass fitting chart.  Perfect for prescription aand regular sunglasses.
Bikershades Head Size Chart. This chart is specific for Motorcycle riders.

Once you determine your head size, you are ready to shop for motorcycle sunglasses that fit by size. The only item left you to decide is which biker glasses brand you want to go with. BikerArmour, WileyX or 7eye.