Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses, 180 degree wrap frames, integrated foam cushion, snug fit…These are all must have features for motorcycle sunglasses and motorcyle goggles. Not surprisingly, these are also must have features for any sport which involves a great deal motion and movement; and when the safety of your eyes may be compromised. Let’s put it this way, any sport that requires you to wear a helmet should also require you to wear safety eyewear! Here are the top ten activities where a pair of motorcycle goggles might come handy:

Motorcycle Sunglasses can be used for Skateboarding
Skateboard sunglasses will stay on your head!
1. Motorcycle Sunglasses for skateboarding. 

If you ever skateboarded on a half pipe, I think you’ll agree that motorcycle glasses will be an essential accessory since the sunglasses won’t fly off your noggin’ while you are upside down or in mid air. With its ultra-snug fit, biker shades won’t wiggle while you’re doing tricks or riding on bumpy asphalt. If you are coasting downhill, biker shades will seal out the wind and debris. It’s also important to have a full unobstructed view if you’re doing backsides or ollies, so a 180 degree wrap lens is really important. If you really want a snug fit, try a pair of BikerArmour Motorcycle Goggles with an adjustable strap. So if you are looking for a pair of skateboard sunglasses, consider the Anaconda style – they will definitely do the trick.

2. Motorcyle Eyewear as Cycle Sunglasses. 

If you are cyclist, then speed is the name of the game. And when there’s speed, there’s plenty of wind. The foam cushion gaskets built on the inside our biker glasses will help seal out wind and debris, and will also ensure a snug fit so they won’t fly off. You don’t want your cycle sunglasses to wiggle and shake while you are taking those tight turns! Excellent peripheral vision is really important so you can see cars, pedestrians and fellow cyclists as you pass. You can also ride at night with our BikerArmour glasses equipped with yellow lenses and clear lenses. Yellow cycling glasses reduce the halo effect around lights at night so you can focus on the road and not be distracted by annoying glare.

Motocycle sunglasses used for Target Sports
Motorcycle goggles are perfect for shooting & target sports
3. Motorcycle Sunglasses for Shooting glasses.

Obviously if you are using a gun, you will need safety glasses that can protect your eyes from harmful projectiles. Motorcycle sunglasses are equipped with polycarbonate lenses which is a shatterproof, impact resistant material. Plastic and glass lenses can shatter and are not safe for target sports. Also, the foam cushion gasket keeps your shooting sun glasses snug on your face so you can focus on the target, and not constantly adjust your glasses. Try yellow lenses to block out the blue light in the UV spectrum to increase sharpness and clarity. Our most popular style, the Barricade with a one piece yellow or clear lenses, also have a foam cushion gasket at the top of the frame to stop sweat and provides extra stability.

Sunglasses for gardening blocks out dirt, debris  and allergens
4. Lawn & Use Motorcycle Sunglasses for Gardening.

Allergies got you stuck indoors? Motorcycle sunglasses and goggles with built in foam cushion helps seal out wind, pollen and other common allergens. Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses also protect your eyes from flying projectiles and sharp objects. The foam gaskets also help seal out sweat from your eyes. Try the BikerArmour Evolution which is an excellent frame with a built in foam gasket and fits nearly everyone.

5. Safety Rated Motorcycle Sunglasses for Work. 

Looking for motorcycle sunglasses that are ANSI Z87.1 rated? These motorcycle sunglasses will have inscribed lettering at the top right corner of the right lens and will also have Z87.1 inscribed on the inside of the frame. The ANSI Z87.1 means that the sunglasses are approved by American National Safety Standards Institute to be used in workplaces requiring safety rated sunglasses. All Wiley X sunglasses, 7 eye and several BikerArmour Styles [link to BikerArmour: Safety Rated] are ANSI Z87.1 rated. The foam cushion inside of our sunglasses will provide additional protection from dust and debris, and will ensure a snug fit.

6. Sky Diving Sunglasses. 

When you think of sky diving, you think of strong winds. BikerArmour Motorcycle goggles are an excellent choice to seal out wind and debris, and the adjustable strap will ensure the glasses stay in place on your head. Most of our goggles are one size fits all, but make sure you choose the style that is more suitable for larger or smaller heads. We recommend the Tank or the Socket Goggle for a nice snug fit.

motorcycle_ sunglasses_used_for_ski
Motorcycle sunglasses make great ski goggles!
7. Ski Goggles or Ski Sunglasses.

You really don’t have to wear those huge bulky ski goggles when you ski or snowboard. Not all of us aspire to be the next Shaun White or Lindsey Vonn. With its foam cushion gasket, motorcycle goggles and sunglasses do an excellent job sealing out wind and snow. Also, most biker glasses have a base 8 curve lens, so they are naturally aerodynamic at high speeds. Try the sleek BikerArmour Thrasher or Horsepower. These high wrap designs help keep the glasses snug on your face. Try the Socket Polarized HD goggles for ultimate clarity and comfort against glare from the snow. You will also like the fact that Motorcycle shades also utilize polycarbonate lenses so they won’t shatter or crack.

8. Motorcycle Sunglasses Make Perfect Shop Glasses. 

Clear and Yellow Motorcycle sunglasses make great shop glasses. The foam cushion blocks out dust and debris and ensures a snug fit. Yellow lenses increase contrast and clarity so you can see with more precision. Polycarbonate lenses will protect your eyes from harmful projectiles. Try our most popular style, the Barricade with a one piece yellow or clear lenses. They also have a foam cushion gasket at the top of the frame to stop sweat and provides extra stability. Or try the Z87.1 safety rated shop glasses, the HELO. Next time you are working with a power tool or your next handyman project, make sure to grab a pair of motorcycle sunglasses!

motorcycle glasses are great for chopping onions!
9. Foam Cushion Helps Chopping Onions. 

That’s right, use our motorcycle glasses for cooking. Why? To prevent tearing when you are chopping onions! The foam cushion makes a perfect seal around your eyes. offers a wide variety of sunglasses for men or women. So, make sure to use our Shop By Headsize tool to find the perfect fit for you.

10. Boating Sunglasses or Sunglasses for convertibles. 

If you need to block out the wind when boating or driving your convertible with your convertible top down, our glasses will do a great job. The foam cushion seals out wind, and the wrap design will ensure a wiggle free and snug fit. Biker glasses won’t fall victim to flying off your head into the lake or onto the highway. Plus, we offer polarized boating glasses with foam cushion to filter out all the blinding glare on the water, especially at sunset. The Anaconda Polarized motorcycle glasses will do the trick here. Try a pair of our 7eye sunglasses for really good wind protection.

Our BikerArmour Motorcycle Sunglasses feature a sweatproof foam cushion that blocks out wind, dirt, and harmful debris.

So, as you can see, motorcycle sunglasses and goggles are definitely worth your investment not only to protect your eyes on your motor bike, but also because they have so many other uses. Heck if you can prevent tearing up the next time you whip up your hot homemade salsa, this should be an easy decision!