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How Long Does it Take to Make Rx Glasses

Prescription Sunglass Return & Exchange Policy.

Do I Need a Written Prescription?

What is Pupilar Distance?

How Do I Know Which Frame Will Fit?

Try Before You Buy Prescription Frames Program

Can I Use My Own Frames?

I Have a Strong Prescription. Can you Help?

Should I Order Digital Lenses or Traditional Lenses?

How Do I Contact Bikershades?

How Long Does It Take to Make My Rx Glasses?

Depending on the options you choose, such as mirror coatings, your glasses will take 5 – 14 business days to complete. 80% of our prescription orders are completed within 10 business days. Due to the complexity of cutting wrap lenses, on very rare occasions our lab may need to remake the lenses because they don’t pass our in-depth inspection process. We will notify you if this happens.

If you have an important ride coming up, please let us know so that we can put a rush on the order. We also offer an expedited process which puts your order ahead of the line, as well as FedEx 2-day shipping.

Do I Need a Copy of My Prescription?

We HIGHLY recommend you submit a copy of your prescription when you order your glasses online or please email us a copy to This eliminates the possibility of any errors. If you do not send us a copy of your prescription, we will go over your prescription with you on the phone, double check everything, and get your final approval. Please note any mistakes caused by an incorrect prescription will be the patient’s responsibility.

Prescription Sunglasses Return Policy & Warranty

Bikershades guarantees your prescription will be 100% accurate to the prescription you provide. Once we receive your prescription, all of the data is digitized and your sunglasses are tracked by a bar code. There is no chance for human error.

If there is an issue with the lens, we can test the lenses for any inaccuracies. If we are at fault, we will remake the lenses at no cost to you. If Bikershades is not at fault, we will remake your lens at a 25 – 40% discount, depending on the lens options chosen. For this reason, we strongly recommend you include a copy of your prescription at the time you place your order online, or email/text us a copy.

For stronger prescriptions (above a +/- 2.50 under the SPH column on your prescription in most cases), there is always a possibility you may experience the “fish bowl effect” when you wear new curved, wrap glasses. Higher base curve (wrap) lenses have an increased chance of the “fish bowl effect.” This “fish bowl effect” may cause slight dizziness, especially if you have astigmatism (Astigmatism is indicated by a + or – power under the CYL (cylinder) column on your prescription.) 33% of all eyeglass wearers have astigmatism. utilizes the latest free form digital lenses technologies to increase peripheral vision and reduce the “fish bowl effect”. General rule of thumb is that your eyes will adjust to your new lenses over time, but you must wear your new glasses every day for 1 – 3 hours for at least 2 to 3 weeks.

Bikershades cannot guarantee whether or not the patient will experience the “fish bowl affect” with their new prescription glasses. Some patients will adjust and some will not. Our Specialists can recommend the best type of frames for your prescription and head size.

Bikershades will not be able to offer a refund if the patient experiences the “fish bowl effect” caused by the new glasses. This is the risk our patients must accept when making high wrap prescription glasses. We cannot guarantee how you will react, or how you will adjust to the new lenses. Basically, if we can’t prevent the “fishbowl effect”, another laboratory will not achieve any better results. We hope you understand that patients cannot ask us to make glasses “just to see if the glasses will work” for them.

How Do I Get My Pupilar Distance?

More often than not, your optometrist will not write your PD #’s on your Rx. You can call your optometrist or whomever made your glasses last for your PD. Just tell them you need to make a pair of safety glasses, and they won’t give you a hard time. You can also ask them if you can see them for a quick measurement. They shouldn’t charge you. If they refuse to give your PD, you will need to measure it yourself, which fortunately is very easy. Here’s how:

You will need: i. glasses you normally wear, ii. sharpie or dry erase marker, iii. a friend.

  1. Sit a chair & wear your daily eyeglasses.
  2. Sit your friend in a chair directly in front of you.
  3. Your friend will look at you directly eye to eye & locate where your pupils are. It is important your friend’s eyes are as level as yours.
  4. Using a sharpie marker, your friend will dot on EACH eyeglass lens the center of each pupil. Make sure to look straight ahead. Do not follow the path of the marker. It will help if your friend shuts one eye while dotting the lenses. For accuracy, do not rush through this step.
  5. Now it is time to measure the distance between the two dots. Place a ruler w/ millimeters face up on a table. Take off your glasses, & place the dot on the left lens directly over 0 millimeters. Keep one eye shut for most accuracy when lining up the dots above the ruler. Then notate the measurement of the right dot on the ruler in millimeters.
how to measure pupilar distance

How Do I Know Which Frame Will Fit?

Probably the most complicated part of buying prescription biker glasses is finding a pair that fits. Don’t worry, Bikershades is the expert when it comes to fitting frames. We have been selling biker glasses for more than 2 decades, so we have frames for every head size and shape. Unlike daily casual glasses, riding glasses fit according to your helmet size and also your hat size. Another important feature is the shape of your nose. Is your nose smaller, larger, or average? Is it lower, higher or flatter? So, knowing your helmet size and nose shape will be very helpful.

We also conveniently arranged all of the WX, 7eye and BikerArmour frames by size, from small to large. Take a look at the frame sizing chart.

Try Before You Buy Frames for Prescription Glasses

Bikershades makes it even easier for you with our Try Before You Buy Prescription Frames program. With Try Before Before You Buy (TBB), simply answer a few questions about your head and nose size; as well as frame preferences. We’ll do the rest. We don’t want you to select the frames. Based on your answers, we’ll know which frames will fit you. Each Try Before You Buy requires a fully refundable deposit plus a nonrefundable $29.99 service fee, which helps us pay the cost of FedEx 2-day shipping and the USPS Priority Shipping return label. Your deposit will be applied towards the cost of the glasses, or refunded if you change your mind.

Imagine the time you save driving around town trying to find motorcycle frames that fi. We can do all the work for you!

After you complete your order, we’ll send you 5 – 10 frames via FedEx 2-Day. It takes us 1 – 2 business days to prepare your order, and FedEx guarantees delivery in 1 – 2 days. We also provide a return shipping label. Keep the frames for up to 5 days to decide which one fits you best.

Over 95% of our participants in our TBB program complete their sunglass prescription order with us. Questions? Give us a call at (877) BIKER-21.

bikershades prescription motorcycle sunglasses try before you buy

Got Your Own Frames?

If you would like to make custom prescription lenses for your own frames, Bikershades has a ‘Got Frames’ program. Bikershades can cut prescription lenses for nearly all sunglass frame brands including Oakley, Nike, Maui Jim, Costa Del Mar, Adidas, Harley Davidson, Wiley X, 7eye, Ray Ban, UnderArmour, Rudy Project and so many more. Simply order your lenses from our the Got Frames category, send your frames to us, and we’ll have your frames and lenses ready in 7 to 14 days! Plus, shipping the finished frames and lenses back to you is completely FREE!

Motorcycle Sunglasses for High or Strong Prescriptions

Yes, Bikershades can definitely make motorcycle sunglasses for strong or high prescriptions. However, we will not mislead patients to believe that all of frames can accommodate a high prescription. Technically, any prescription can be cut for any frame. The question is, will you be able to see clearly out of the lenses, and will they be safe to wear?

For stronger prescriptions (above a +/- 3.50 under the SPH column on your prescription in most cases), there is a possibility you may experience the “fish bowl effect” when you wear new curved, wrap glasses.  It is different for every patient.  Because wrap lenses are more curved towards the edges, patients may feel their vision is distorted when they look to the left or right. This “fish bowl effect” may cause slight dizziness. However, most patients’ eyes will adjust to the new lenses as they wear the glasses for several days.

Stronger prescriptions have more curvature in the lens, which in turn requires thicker lenses. This more aggressive curvature in high prescriptions causes discomfort, and wrap frames can escalate the this. Patients with astigmatism (Astigmatism is indicated by a + or – power under the CYL (cylinder) column on your prescription) have a higher chance of experiencing the “fish bowl effect.” 33% of all eyeglass wearers have astigmatism.   

Plus vs Minus Sphere values have different lens shape.
“Plus” and “Minus” refer to your SPHERE value on your prescription. Plus spheres have thinner edges. Minus spheres have thicker edges. The stronger the SPHERE value, the thicker the lenses. Also, higher wrap frames cause thicker lenses.

For Prescriptions higher than +/- 4.00, we recommend patients utilize frames with Rx Adapters or Frames with Rx Inserts. Rx Adapters attach to the frame and reduce the curvature of the lens. Rx inserts is a separate “lens holder” that attaches to the back of the frame. The insert is not curved and much smaller.

Bikershades utilizes the latest free form digital lenses technology to increase peripheral vision and reduce the “fish bowl effect” on lenses. We will recommend the best options for maximum comfort. In most cases, your eyes will adjust to the new lenses, but you will need to wear your new glasses every day for 1 – 3 hours per day.

Bikershades cannot guarantee whether or not the patient will experience slight dizziness or the “fish bowl affect” with their new prescription glasses.   Some patients can adjust and some will not.   Rest assured our Specialists will recommend the best frames and lens technologies for your prescription.  

Digital Lens vs Traditional Lens

Bikershades recommends all stronger prescriptions +/- 1.75 and higher utilize Digital Free Form (Digital) technology. Digital lenses are within 1/100th of a diopter of the prescription that you provide compared to 1/10th of a diopter for a non-digital traditional lens. Under Sphere and Cylinder on your prescription, each whole number is a “diopter.” So, +2.00 is 2 diopters. -3.50 is 3 and 1/2 diopters. Digital lenses take into account how the frame fits the patient resulting in a more accurate lens. Digital lenses also give the patient enhanced peripheral vision. All progressive lenses use digital technology.

Digital Lenses increases peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is normally reduced by wrap frames and stronger prescriptions.
  • DIGIthinRx Lens Thinning Technology: DIGIthinRx technology combines lens thinning with Digital Free Form Technology to minimize the thickness and weight of a prescription lens. DIGIthinRx thins the area outside of the 50 mm optimal viewing area, resulting in a thinner and lighter lens. As lenses are more curved and thicker towards the edges, DIGIthinRx removes a portion of the area which causes the fish bowl effect. A minor drawback is some peripheral vision is lost, but a 50mm viewable area on lens is more than enough.
DIGIthinRx™ technology thins out the edges of stronger prescriptions to help accommodate high wrap frames inherent with motorcycle sunglasses.
DIGIthinRx™ technology thins out the edges of stronger prescriptions to help accommodate high wrap frames inherent with motorcycle sunglasses.
DIGIthinRx technology reduces the weight of the lens by thinning the area outside of the optimal viewing zone. DIGIthinRx also helps reduce the fish bowl effect by eliminating the increased curved areas towards the edge of the lens.


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