WileyX Sunglasses for Bikers

Wiley X Sunglasses are used by the US Military for extreme eye protection.  The founders of WileyX are US Veterans and understand the importance of eye protection.  Miltary require the best absolute eye protection in the field of battle. Bikershades is an authorized WileyX partner since 2009.

WileyX z87.1 Safety Rated

All Wiley X Sunglasses are all about protection & meet and exceed ANSI z87.1 Occupational standards.   ANSI, or the American National Standards Institute, creates standards and guidelines for products and equipment used by businesses.  Eyewear must provide necessary protection from impact, non-ionizing radiation, and exposure to liquid splash.

Frames and lenses can withstand the impact of a 1.1 lb projectile dropped from a height of 50″.

Frames and lenses must withstand the impact of a .25″ diameter steel ball.   The projectile must be travelling at 150fps for glasses and 250fps for goggles.

Unsurpassed Optical Clarity

All WileyX lenses are ANSI Z87.1 which ensures more precise optics and clarity.   Each lens minimizes distortion and increase visual accuracy.  Lenses are de-centered and tapered to ensure true spacial relationship of objects as well as optimal distortion free clarity.  Motorcycle riders need the accurate lenses to see the road clearly.

Wiley X Removable Facial Cavity™ Seals

Removable soft foam Facial Cavity™ Seals block out wind, dust and debris as well as peripheral sunlight.   Fine dust and pollen can cause eye irritation and Dry Eye Syndrome.  Temporary blindness can be very dangerous for any biker.  Peripheral light can reflect off the inside of the lenses into the eye causing blinding glare. All Climate Control WileyX Sunglasses have removable Facial Cavity™ Seals.

6 Base ANSI Z87.1 Side Shield Industrial Glasses

WileyX Active 6 models come with ANSI Z.87 safety rated, removable side shields.   Side shields protect eyes from horizontal projectiles.  Remove the side shields for casual wear.   Permanent locking side shields are also available and sold separately.

Worksight™ ANSI Z87.1  Side Shields Industrial Glasses

WileyX Worksight™ models come with ANSI z87.1 safety rated removable side shields.  Side shields protect eyes from horizontal projectiles.   Remove the side shields when you are not working.   Permanent locking side shields are also available and sold separately.

WileyX Alternative Fit for Lower Nose Bridges or High Cheekbones

It can be slightly annoying if your eyeglasses constantly touch your eyelashes or the sunglasses tip up and down when you smile.  If so, the WileyXAlternative Fit may be a good choice.  Bikershades also offers a wide variety for this common problem.  Check out frames for long eyelashes and low nose bridges.