7Eye Rx Frames

7eye Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

Bikers choose 7eye prescription motorcycle glasses for sleek aerodynamic styling and for a thicker foam. 7eye, also known as Panoptyx sunglasses are an excellent option for prescription Rx glasses for the following reasons: 

Thicker Foam Gasket:

If you have a problem with your eyelashes touching the sunglass lenses, the thicker foam gasket allows the glasses to sit further from your eyes. This in turn gives your eyes more room behind the lenses than other motorcycle glasses. For ladies that wear mascara this is a very nice feature.

Excellent Motorcycle Glasses for Low Nose Bridge or Asian Fit

Because most Asians have a lower nose bridge, 7eye Rx Prescription Motorcycle Glasses are an excellent choice. A low nose bridge causes the lenses to sit too close to the eyes. The thicker foam allows the glasses to sit further from the face.

Bendable Ear Pieces

Ears are set differently on everyone’s heads. That’s why glasses come in different temple measurements. Some are 140mm, some are 142mm, some are 145mm. Some, not all, 7eye styles have bendable ear pieces which can be extremely convenient, especially if you are spending $200 – $400 on a pair of Rx riding glasses. Ear pieces can be adjusted to fit different heads. And of course, its also nice to adjust the ear pieces if you are wearing a helmet.