The BikerArmour Eclipse Photochromic Motorcycle Glasses


The term ‘photochromic’ refers to sunglass lenses that darken when exposed to UV light. The sun emits UV light; indoor lights do not. Photochromic lenses are totally clear at night.

‘Transitions™”, on the other hand, are actually the brand of photochromic lenses. “Transitions™” have become the household name for all photochromic sunglasses (just like “Kleenex” is used for tissue paper.) However, not all photochromics are Transitions™. The Eclipse utilizes Bikershades photochromic technology, whereas the Eclipse XT utilizes genuine Transitions™ technology.

You won’t need to pack an extra pair of clear glasses for riding at night. Please note the Eclipse lenses will not darken behind a helmet visor or in a car.

Bikers are very satisfied with the performance of the Eclipse. However, if you are looking for genuine Transitions™ that get as dark as your sunglasses, the BikerArmour Eclipse XT might be a better choice. The Eclipse XT are the darkest photochromic sunglasses on the planet. However, Eclipse XT will cost more than 3 times as much. Watch this video which demonstrates the Eclipse and the Eclipse XT glasses.