How Try Before You Buy Works…

If you are hesitant to spend money on prescription motorycycle glasses online before trying them on, our Try Before You Buy is the perfect solution. You can try on 5 to 10 pairs of our BikerArmour, WileyX, 7EYE prescription motorcycle eye wear frames in the comfort of your home BEFORE your prescription lenses are made. The cost for the service is only $19.99 which includes FedEX 2 day delivery service to you. Imagine the time and money you will save rather than driving all over town looking for Rx motorcycle glasses. Plus, peace of mind. Try Before You Buy Includes:

  • Our Experts will select a personalized collection of frames based on your answers.
  • We ship the frames to you via FedEx 2 day service
  • We also provide a USPS Priority return label


Here’s how…

1.)Choose which brand you want to try on. The more brands you want, the more the deposit will be. Complete the order like any online purchase. Next, based on your answers, we’ll send you 4 to 10 frames to try on at home. You do not select which frames you want sent to you. We make this VERY EASY for you!

2.)We will require a deposit to cover the cost of the frames in case they are not returned. When the frames are returned, we will apply the deposit (minus the $19.99 service fee) towards the cost of your prescription glasses. If you decide NOT to order, we will refund the deposit (minus a $29 service fee for the cost of postage) 

3.)You will receive an email with easy to follow instructions. Frames will be sent out in 2 to 3 business days.

4.)Try on and select the frame(s) that fit you best. Follow the instructions in the email. 

5.)Within 5 days of receiving the frames, send back ALL the sunglass frames using the original box and prepaid USPS Priority return postage label.

If you have any questions, call us at (877)BIKER-21 or email us at


1. Complete one of the Try Before You Buys Below. You DON’T select the frames. We do that for you!
2. Receive 6 – 10 frames in a box via FedEx 2 Day.
3. Try them on & select favorite frame.
4. Follow simple instructions in email.
5. Use return postage & send frames back to us.