Are you having a hard time finding motorcycle goggles and sunglasses that  fit perfectly on your head?  How do we purchase biker shades online? makes it easy to find the right pair for you.

How should biker glasses fit?

Motorcycle sunglasses are different than casual eyeglasses and your daily sunglasses because  biker glasses need to wrap around your face.  The glasses should seal out wind from the bottom of the frame near your cheek bone, and also at the top of the frame near your brow.   The glasses should also wrap snugly around the sides of your face.  The most important factor that determines the size of the frames is the overall width of the frame. 

The BikerArmour Headsize Chart

 Don’t know which style will fit you? Simply determine your head size first by your helmet or hat size, then click on the corresponding head graphic to see all the styles that will fit you.

For example, if you normally wear a MEDIUM helmet, and/or your hat size is a 7 1/4, then click on the corresponding MEDIUM SIZE head, and you will see all the BikerArmour sizes that fit you.

We also have Sizing Charts for 7eye and WileyX styles.

If your noticed that a lot of sunglasses fit too close to your face, touch your eyelashes or rub against your eyes, please visit the nosebridge chart.

If you find that most sunglasses don’t fit around your nose or sit really far from your face; or wrap frames don’t seal well on the bottom near your cheekbones, please visit the nosebridge chart.