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Space Shield Clear Face Mask. Include Bottle of Spray Cleaner

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?100% ANTI FOG TRANSPARENT POLYCARBONATE: Shield is constructed impact resistant polycarbonate. The shield is 100% transparent for improved communication with friends and family. Shield will NOT fog on both sides, even w/ heavy breathing. Remember to REMOVE clear plastic film from BOTH SIDES of clear shield before wear!

?‍⚕️PERFECT PROTECTION FOR TEACHERS, SALONS, CHEFS, SALONS, BEAUTICIANS: If you work with clients face to face, these glasses shields will protect both you and your patient. Visible facial expressions are very important for businesses to thrive. Perfect for airplanes, flights, churches, movies, theatres and malls.

?FITS LIKE SUNGLASSES: Fits comfortably just like your daily sunglasses. Weighs only 2.16 ounces, so it’s light and comfortable. Also fits over your glasses.

? PROVIDES 180 DEGREE PROTECTION: Totally Clear polycarbonate shield protects your eyes, nose and mouth. Keeps foreign substances away from your eyes, nose and mouth & protects the people you speak to. Protects your eyes from foreign substances and spray. Also prevents yourself from touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

?WASHABLE & RESUSABLE – Simply wash with mild dish soap & water as often as you like. Includes FREE bottle of spray cleaner for convenient cleaning. Sorry, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to sanitary and safety reasons. Thank you!

1 review for Space Shield Clear Face Mask. Include Bottle of Spray Cleaner

  1. J Kohler

    Super cool! It is very solid construction. Easy to clean and reuse!

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