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We will send you 2 – 3 styles of the 7Eye Ziena frames.   Excellent if you need to eliminate dust and wind.  Perfect for patients who suffer from dry eye.  

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Answering All of these questions will help us select the best frames that will fit you.
Answering ALL of these questions will help us select the best frames that will fit you.
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How Try Before You Buy Works…

Are you hesitant to spend 100s of dollars on prescription motorycycle glasses or goggles online because you don’t know if the frames will fit? Well, FEAR NO MORE! Now you can try on 8 to 10 pairs of our BikerArmour, WileyX, 7EYE prescription motorcycle eye wear frames in the comfort of your home BEFORE you get your prescription lenses made. We’ll even include the return postage (domestic orders only). And this service is FREE if you order prescription glasses from us. Here’s how…

1.)Click on which brand(s) you want to try on. Obviously, the more brands of frames we want, the more the deposit will be. Then complete the order like any online purchase. Next, based on your answers, we’ll send you 2 to 3 frames to try on at home. You DO NOT select which frames are sent to you. We’ll make this VERY EASY..don’t worry about a thang!

2.)We will require a deposit to cover the cost of the frames in case they are not returned. (Trust us, it’s not smart to keep the frames. We know where you live, and you’ll lose your deposit.) When the frames are returned, we will apply the deposit towards the cost of your prescription glasses. If you decide NOT to order, we will refund the deposit (minus a modest $20 service fee.) Please don’t gripe about the service fee…it barely covers our cost of postage. If you order glasses, there is NO COST for the Try Before You Buy service.

3.)You will receive an email with easy to follow instructions. DON’T LOSE THIS EMAIL. Frames will be sent out in 2 to 3 business days.

4.)Try on and select the frame(s) that fit you best. Next, open the email and click on the ORANGE button that says “ORDER MY PRESCRIPTION GLASSES NOW.” You will also click on this button even if you decide NOT to order glasses. You will be taken to an online order form where you will indicate your favorite frame and choose the different lens options you like. Your Deposit will be applied to the cost of the glasses! EASY SSSHHHMEAZY.

5.)Within 5 days of receiving the frames, send back ALL the sunglass frames using the original box and prepaid return postage label. 

So that’s it. We did say it was easy,didn’t we? IF you have have any questions, please call us at (877) BIKER-21, and we’ll be glad to help!!!

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2 reviews for TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – 7EYE Ziena Frames, $349 DEPOSIT

  1. Arrie M.

    Nice glasses! Help my dry eye issues and still very cute!

  2. David

    I am so happy I can try these on before I spend my money. I was able to try and test them in my car before sending them back and I found the perfect pair. Thank you!!!!

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