Comparison – DARKEST Transition Motorcycle Sunglasses: Eclipse vs Eclipse XT

Are you tired of throwing away money on Transitions Motorcycle Sunglasses that dont get dark enough?  Are you tired of getting fooled by false advertisesments?  Have you given up on generic photochromic sunglasses?  In this article, we’ll compare generic photochromic motorcycle sunglasses to genuine Transitions Brand sunglasses.   We’ll also reveal the best Transitions Motorcycle Sunglasses on the planet, and show you a video comparison of the lenses. 

Photochromic Demonstration Graphic
Photochromic Lenses darken when exposed to UV rays. They lighten indoors and at night.

Why Do You Need Photochromic Lenses?

Ideally, photochromic lenses should eliminate the need to carry two pairs of motorcycle glasses.  Normally you would have to bring a pair of dark grey sunglasses for day riding and a pair of clear glasses for night riding.  Photochromic lenses should get dark enough so your eyes are comfortable in the day.   On the flip side, they should get clear enough to easily see at night.   Read more about the science behind photochromic lenses

Motorcycle Riders have a misconception that photochromic lenses will change very fast.  They believe the lenses will change color as they ride through dark tunnels.   Genuine Transitions lenses change color quickly, but it takes at least 10 to 30 seconds to see a noticeable difference.  The main reason bikers wear photochromic lenses is because they ride at night and in the day.  Photochromic lenses allows the biker to ride in different light conditions: day, night, cloudy, foggy, sunset, etc.  Bikers don’t want to switch glasses after sunset and carry two or more pairs of riding glasses. 

Photochromic Transition Motorcycle Sunglasses by Bikershades - A single pair of glasses for day and night riding.
Choose Transitions Brand Lenses for Both Day and Night Riding.


“Photochromic” lenses vs “Transitions” Lens

What does “photochromic” mean?  Photochromic is the generic term which refers to sunglass lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight or UV rays.  So, photochromic lenses are generally clear at night, and turn dark grey in the day.   The stronger the UV rays, the darker the lenses will get.  On a cloudy or overcast day, photochromic lenses won’t darken as much and may reach only 40 – 60% darkness.   Photochromic lenses also react faster and get darker in colder temperatures.  Here’s a good rule of thumb.  If the sun is strong enough to get even a slight sunburn, photochromic lenses will definitely darken.  Photochromic lenses, however, will not react to artificial lights such as regular light bulbs, florescent or LED lights.

Transitions is the most popular and trusted brand of photochromic lenses.  Transitions is a photochromic lens.  However, Transitions has become the industry standard when it comes to photochromic technology.  Just like “Kleenex” now means “tissues”, Transitions means “photochromic lenses.”  So, when we refer to “Transitions lens” in this article, we are referring to the actual brand.  

Which Lenses are Best for Motorcycle Riding?

So now that you the know the difference between photochromic and Transitions lenses, which  lens performs the best? 

Best Budget Photochromic Motorcycle Sunglasses: The Eclipse

If you are spending less than $100 on a pair of photochromic motorcycle sunglasses, they are NOT Genuine Transitions brand lenses.   These are generic photochromic lenses.   The technology behind photochromic lenses has improved over time. Bikershades has been selling photochromic lenses for over a decade.   The lenses change color and will get dark, but don’t expect them to get as dark as your sports sunglasses. In fact, most riders end up purchasing the Eclipse XT because they need darker lenses.  So, if you are sensitive to bright light, or need lenses that get as dark as your daily sunglasses, then we recommend the Eclipse XT rather than the Eclipse.

If you are on a tight budget, then choose the Eclipse photochromic sunglasses at  The Eclipse offers 100% UV protection, and the lenses do change color.  The lenses will be gray in the daytime.   At night, the lenses will be 85% clear.  The slight tint is not noticeable when you wear them.  Tens of thousands off bikers have purchased the Eclipse sunglasses and are very satisfied.   They come back and buy more.  The Eclipse comes in a variety of styles, including the Socket Goggle, the Magnum, the Evolution and the new T-Rex.  

Motorcycle Goggles with Photochromic Lenses
Ride in the day or night with Motorcycle Goggles with photochromic lenses.  Shown: Socket Goggles, $40.
Motorcycle glasses with photochromic lenses
Ride in the day or night with photochromic lenses that darken in the sun. Shown: T Rex, $40.

Best Performance Photochromic Sunglasses with Genuine Transitions Xtractive Lenses: The Eclipse XT

Finally, Transitions Motorcycle Sunglasses that get as dark as your daily wear sunglasses!  We are not talking about a light gray or a barely noticeable shade of gray.  We are talking about “sunglass dark.”  The Eclipse XT  is the first biker sunglass that actually changes from totally clear at night to sunglass dark in the day.  

What’s the Secret?

The Eclipse XT utilizes genuine Transitions XtrActive lenses, the darkest Transitions on the planet.  Some features of these lenses include:

  • The DARKEST Transtitions on the planet.  Filters out more light than any other photochromic lenses. 
  • Slightly darkens behind the windshield of a car or your helmet visor. 
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses.  Won’t shatter or crack.
  • Performance enhanced by colder temperatures and anti reflective coatings. 
  • Available in Dark Gray and Dark Brown.  Dark Brown clarifies and sharpens vision.
Comparison Eclipse Photochromic vs Eclipse XT Transitions XtrActive
Eclipse XT with Genuine Transitions Xtractives are the Darkest Transition Motorcycle Sunglasses.

 Eclipse XT Available in BikerArmour, 7eye and Wiley X.

The Eclipse XT Motorcycle Sunglasses are available in over 40 frame styles, including BikerArmour, 7eye and WileyX. 

BikerArmour Eclipse XT Transitions Sunglasses:

All BikerArmour frames are constructed of Nylon or scientifically known as Gliamides.  More information about frame materials.  Gliamides are known to retain their shape.  They are also flexible enough to stay comfortable for hours on your head.  BikerArmour’s commitment to cutting edge designs and incredibly affordable prices has made them a favorite for hundreds of thousands of bikers worldwide. 

Transition Motorcycle Goggles by
Eclipse XT Transition Motorcycle Goggles with Transitions XtrActive lenses. As shown: $159 with hard zipper case.
Monster Eclipse XT Motorcycle Sunglasses with Transitions XtrActive Lenses
The Monster Eclipse XT is the best performing Transition Motorcycle Sunglass on the market today. As shown: $159 with hard zipper case.

WileyX Eclipse XT Transitions Sunglasses:

Bikershades also offers a wide variety of Wiley X Eclipse XT Sunglasses including their Climate Control and Active Lifestyle brands.   Wiley X motorcycle sunglasses feature removable foam.  In addition, most are ANSI Z87.1 safety rated.  Companies with dangerous work environments and large machinery require Z87.1 safety rated eyewear.   Not only are Wiley X sunglasses used for motorcycle riding, they are also worn by the United States Military.  

Wiley X discontinued their line of Light Adjusting glasses because they used generic photochromic lenses, and the lenses did not get dark enough.   More than likely, bikers were complaining, because the sunglasses were not cheap.   The lenses did not get as dark as our Eclipse line.

So, now the Eclipse XT line includes WileyX with Transition lenses.  Bikershades is very pleased to offer this exciting line to serious bikers around the world. 

The Eclipse XT Wiley X Brick Transition Sunglasses
The WileyX Brick features the Eclipse XT Transition XtrActive lenses, the darkest Transitions on the planet.
WileyX Enzo Transitions
The Eclipse XT now available in WileyX frames. The WileyX Enzo Transition Motorcycle Sunglasses with Transitions XtrActives.
WileyX BOSS Transition Sunglasses
Eclipse XT Wiley X Boss Transitions. Featuring the Transition XtrActive lens, the darkest Transitions on the planet.

7eye Eclipse XT Transitions Sunglasses:  

Formerly known as Panoptyx, 7eye motorcycle sunglasses are gaining popularity in the biker world.  Some unique features of 7eye sunglasses:

  • Removable foam cushion.  The 7eye foam cushion is a light and nonporous.  The foam has more depth compared to other brands, so the sunglasses sit further away from your eyes.  This prevents the lenses from touching your eyelashes.  Ladies love this!  
  • Nice smooth finish.  Yes we noticed that 7eye sunglasses have a very nice feel.  They are very nice glasses. 
  • Some styles feature bendable ear pieces.  Everyone’s ears are different.   So, if you have a smaller head or a larger head, bendable ear pieces will maintain a snug fit.  7eye sunglasses with bendable ear pieces include: The NOTUS, The PANHEAD, and the DERBY.
7eye Sunglasses are worn by men and women.
7eye sunglasses sit further from your face, so the lenses won’t touch your eyelashes.










Where Can I Purchase the Eclipse XT?