Bikershades is now offering the new V-Shield Clear PVC Face Mask. Please note this mask is not designed for motorcycle riding. You might have noticed grocery stores such as Albertson’s and Kroger beginning install plexi-glass shields on their cash registers to protect their cashiers from customers who cough or sneeze. The V-shield mask is designed behind this same basic concept, but we feel it is even more effective than a sheet of plexi-glass.

Plexi glass  shield installed at Grocery stores.
Plexi Glass Shield. Photo courtesy of Dallas Morning News,

The V-Shield face mask can be worn by men, women, and children. It’s one size fits all. It can also be cleaned and reused. Bikershades includes a bottle of lens cleaner with every purchase. You will receive 1 bottle for every 1 – 5 masks purchased.

Bikershades V Shield Face Mask includes a bottle of lens cleaner.  Protects from foreign spray and substances.
Bikershades V Shield Mask ships next business day and includes a bottle of lens cleaner.

The V-Shield mask can be worn with a separate N-95 mask inside similar to the doctors and nurses do. That is your option. An obvious benefit of the V-Shield is that the mask is totally clear. Your face is not covered so your face can be seen. People can see your smile, your laugh, and your frowns!
Continue reading to learn more benefits of the V-Shield mask. Please understand the V-shield mask has not been endorsed by the WHO or the CDC, but has been used by health professionals in China and around the globe. Please watch the video to see how effective it really is.

Benefits of the Clear Face Shield Mask

  • 180 DEGREE PROTECTION FROM EXTERNAL SUBSTANCES: Totally Clear PVC plastic covers your entire face and neck. It provides 180 degree protection from temple to temple. Keeps foreign substances away from your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • PROTECTS EYES ALSO: Protects your eyes from foreign substances and spray. Unlike cloth masks, bandanas, the V-Shield mask covers your forehead, brow, eyes, cheeks and neck.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: The V-Shield mask is secured to your forehead by a nice thick 1.5 inch foam which also acts as a barrier to foreign substances. The foam is soft and comfortable. Nothing else touches your face so you will not keep adjusting the fit and accidentally touch your face even more. It does not interfere with your mouth or nose, so you can breathe freely. You can wear this clear face mask shield comfortably for hours. Fits ALL face sized, adults and teens, men and women.
Bikershades V-Shield Mask one size fits all for men, women and children.  Can be worn with N-95 mask as an option. (N-95 mask not included)
Bikershades V-Shield Mask one size fits all for men, women and children. Can be worn with N-95 mask as an option. (N-95 mask not included)
  • PREVENTS TOUCHING OF FACE: Since the V-Shield fits securely on your face with the 1.5 inch foam and elastic strap, you will not constantly adjust the mask and accidentally touch your eyes, nose or mouth. It is excellent for children to break this habit of constantly touching their nose, mouth and eyes.
  • 180 DEGREE PROTECTION HELPS PREVENT SPREAD OF INTERNAL SUBSTANCES: Face mask shield covers your nose & mouth to prevent internal liquid and substances from spraying outward. Protects others from your sneezing, coughing or accidental spitting.
  • CLEANABLE & REUSABLE PVC MATERIAL: Simply Clean w/ Included Lens Cleaner when dirty. Do not fold and store with the foam side down. Flexible PVC is thin & lightweight. It is bendable, but not foldable.
  • FREE LENS CLEANER INCLUDED: Convenient bottle of premium sunglass lens cleaner included. Simply spray and clean safe medical face mask with soft cloth or tissue before each use. Feel free to use cleaner on sunglass and eyeglasses lenses too!
Bikershades Vshield mask can be worn by children.  Prevents children touch eyes, mouth and nose.
Bikershades Vshield mask can be worn by children. Prevents children touch eyes, mouth & nose.

The V Shield Clear Face Cover is Available now at

Bikershades is all about eye protection and safety. We feel the V Shield mask is a very effective tool to prevent exposure from foreign substances. We feel this mask offers numerous benefits. We are all uniting together to fight this virus. Soon, the Corona Virus (Covid -19) will be defeated, and we can all go back to our normal lives. The Corona Virus, although has take tens of thousands of lives across the globe, may have a silver lining. This pandemic has taught us all the lessons of appreciation and learning what really matters in our lives. It has also taught us how to be more precautious and will ultimately help us to learn how to save even more lives from the common flu. My 92 year old father contracted pneumonia while he was staying at a retirement hom. He was seconds from death and I was there by his side the entire time. I always remembered how careless the nursing home facility was at the time and the lack of isolation of sick patients. None of the staff or visitors wore face protection, so you can imagine how quickly viruses could spread in a nursing home.

We at Bikershades feel that the V-Shield mask is a quick and simple solution to provide more protection for all us in public areas, hospitals, retirement homes and when visiting our parents.

Bikershades is offering the V-Shield mask with a bottle of cleaner for only $9.99 or $16.99 for two. You can purchase up to 10 for more discounts.

Thank you again for your support. Unite the Fight!