There has been quite a bit of debate which whether a face mask or a face shield offers better protection against Covid 19 . Recently, an article appeared on the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) website released an article supporting Face Shields over Face masks.

Amesh Adalja, M.D., a pandemic preparedness expert at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, says, “There’s a lot of at least biological possibility to suspect that [shields] are definitely better than homemade face masks, and maybe even better than other types of masks as well, because they not only prevent you from spreading it … [and] because it also covers your eyes, it provides more protection to the mucus membranes of your face where you might be getting infected.” source:

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Advantages of Face Shields compared to Face Masks

Deficiencies of Face Masks:

  • Face masks can be hot by trapping in air
  • Face masks can irritate the skin, especially behind the ears
  • Face mask can make it more difficult to breathe
  • Face masks can cause some peoples to get light headed
  • Face masks hides facial expressions
  • Face masks muffle voices and make it difficult to hear
  • Poses a waste issue
KN95 Diagram 5 Layer Mask Purchase at
KN95 Face Masks are extremely effective but not as comfortable as Face Shields.

Advantages of Face Shields:

  • Covers nose and mouth as well as eyes
  • Does not cover facial expressions
  • Allows people who rely on American Sign Language to understand conversations
  • Does not have contact with skin, except for the foam padding on forehead
  • Prevents touching of face, less adjustment compared to masks
  • Reusable and Cleanable
  • Clear shields do not fog up

Face Shield Demonstration Video

“A recent opinion piece in JAMA by Eli Perencevich, M.D., a professor of internal medicine and epidemiology at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, and two of his colleagues pointed to such benefits of shields for infection prevention, and noted that ‘face shields appear to significantly reduce the amount of inhalation exposure to influenza virus, another droplet-spread respiratory virus. In a simulation study, face shields were shown to reduce immediate viral exposure by 96 percent when worn by a simulated health care worker within 18 inches of a cough.'” source:

Watch the video below which simulates how the clear face shield protects a person from liquid spray such as from someone sneezing, coughing or talking:

You can also watch this video demonstration of the face shield provided by the NIOSH.

Do You Need to Wear a Face Mask with a Face Shield?

There’s no argument that face masks can provide additional protection to just wearing a face shield. Wearing a face mask and a face shield in a health care setting is important. Doctors and nurses take care of patients lying in bed so additional precautions should be considered. Dr. Adalja agrees with wearing both in a health care setting, says, “I don’t think you get much added benefit to wearing a mask if you’ve already got a face shield on, for the average person.” The odds of the viral particles floating upwards under your shield are a long shot for most of us, he adds: “Someone would have to stand underneath you and sneeze up into you. It would be an odd circumstance that would cause that.” – source:

Where to Purchase Face Shields in Bulk or Wholesale

It’s important to purchase face shields from a reputable source. You need to make sure the face shield will be properly packaged so that it arrives undamaged. US Postage is expensive, so if you are paying less than $5 for a face shield, the shield will probably be packaged in an envelope rather than a box. An envelope will not provide adequate protection and your face shield will arrive damaged. packages all face shields in corrugated boxes. And, they include a FREE bottle of lens cleaner to keep your shields safe and clean. You don’t want to use your shirt or a dry cloth to clean your face shield. This can spread disease and scratch the shield. also offers Face Shields at excellent price points. Bikershades also distributes face shields all over the nation, so if you are looking for larger wholesale quantities, simply call them at (877) BIKER-21.

Clear Face Shields for Schools and Businesses

So far, face shields seem to be the most viable solution to protect students at school. It probably wouldn’t be possible to wear face masks in a classroom setting for obvious reasons. The first reason is that most likely students (especially middle school and elementary school) would not be able to wear face masks for long periods of time. Waste would also be an issue. And of course, face masks makes it difficult to communicate in class and with friends. Schools in singapore have already provided face shields to teachers and students. School districts in Palo Alto are pushing for face shields for students and teachers.

While the debate over which is the best face covering is still continuing, there’s not doubt face shields has its obvious advantages.